Charles Sinclair has been on a path to discovery, and in this volume of The Redwing Saga, he finally remembers important truths about his childhood, and he’s about to discover the identity of the Dragon behind the mirror.

A strange object, in thirteen pieces, is revealed when a giant trips. Just how does it connect to Blackstone Exploration Society? Two brave knights clash at Branham’s fête, but danger flies high above.

Elizabeth Sinclair gives birth to twin children, but not everything goes as planned: one of Sinclair’s earliest visions comes true. Paul Stuart reveals a surprise, and Adele finds danger in the woods of Goussainville, France.

To quote the mysterious Prince Araqiel, who speaks to the lost Adele on Walpurgisnacht: “Dangerous highwaymen lurk within the whispering trees, but also serpents, especially at this time of year.”

Realms of the Dead: Book Six in The Redwing Saga is available now in paperback or as an ebook for Amazon’s Kindle reader!